How to have a successful/long-term relationship…

My partner and I have been in a relationship for almost 3 years now and, especially with relationships that form at this day and age, we often get asked how we can still maintain our healthy and lengthy relationship.

Trust, honesty, communication, understanding, and compromising.

Over the years I have witnessed these five ations either makes or breaks most relationships. These are the key components that build a successful relationship…

Trust. I always had an issue with trust. I have never been the type of person to open up to many people, especially men, and I still am not that person, so it took awhile to open up to my boyfriend at first. I just couldn’t trust him and it wasn’t that he wasn’t a trustworthy person. He never had let me down before but I had little confidence and didn’t understand how he could of possibly wanted to be with me. Overtime, however, he told me he loved me and continued to prove it and I began to trust him.

Honesty & communication. I have never been one to lie constantly but I definently wasn’t afraid of telling a white lie either but when it came to my relationship I’m a strict believer that my partner should always be aware of the truth. I have seen numerous relationships torn down because one of them, or both, can’t be honest with one another. Honesty and communication is a simple thing that is vital in relationships and allows the build-up of trust and the overall strengthening of a relationship.

Understanding & compromising. One major struggle in most relationships happens when you don’t feel your partner understands your feelings towards a situation and is unwilling to compromise to make it work out on both sides. Understanding and compromising is opening up and seeing your partners view point and finding a way to make it work out as a couple. This is crucial for the continuous growth of relationships. It allows your partner to feel more comfortable with you and therefore allows them to trust you and allows for proper/healthy communication.

Trust, honesty, communication, understanding, and compromising allows for your partner to feel more open with sharing his/her feelings and for the build-up a flourishing relationship.